What is this?

This site is designed as a tool to help geotag photos with a range of external tools. You do not upload your photos to this website; rather you use it to find the information to pass to external tools such as exiv2.

How do I use it?

The main elements are illustrated below. The essential components are the search box, used to narrow down locations; the actual geotag info output and the interface for saving favourite locations (if logged in).

Clicking on the map places markers. Click on these markers to show the geotag info, and dialog boxes for saving and managing favourites if logged in. The history panel allows for quick access to your recently placed markers.

Once you have found your location, click on the document icon to select the geotag info for easy copying to the clipboard and pasting into the external tool of your choice.


How do I log in to save locations

Follow the sign in link in the top right. The site uses OpenID from a number of common providers and does not store any information about you.

How do I add arbitrary locations?

Just click on the map to add a marker anywhere. The search box is often useful for narrowing down a location and then you can pan around to find the exact point.

I'd like the geotag info in some other format, have a feature request or have found a bug

Please contact us